ABC Records audiodisc You'll Lose A Precious Love
Up On The Roof
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW001A You Are Everything   
SGW001B   You Are My Life
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW002 You Are My Life
SGW003 I Like The Feelin'
SGW004 I'm Gonna Be Strong
SGW005A You'll Lose A Precious Love
SGW006B Up On The Roof
SGW007A Patti Ann
SGW008B Something Old, Something New
SGW009CD Patti Ann & other collectables
ITZY112 Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits VOL XII Patti Ann
SGW010 Sock It To Em' JB -Bettis Lounge
SGW011A A Precious Love
SGW012B It Ain't No Big Thing
SGW013 I Pray On Christmas
SGW014CD  I Pray On Christmas
SGW015CD The Star Spangled Banner
SGW022CD The Boy Scout Song
SGW026 Teach Me Tonight
SGW026DVD PBS Special
SGW027CD Kansas City
SGW028CD Left With A Broken Heart/Never Let Me Go
SGW029CD Man Fridays - Midnight Hour Reunion
Rookie Records RR20037CD Drive It Home
RR20037CD Nothing Can Stop Me
RR20037CD She's Ready
RR20037CD Shama Lama Ding Dong
RR20037CD Zu Zu
RR20037CD (My Baby Loves) Baby Songs
RR20037CD I'll Always Love You
RR20037CD Peepin' Through the Window
RR20037CD (Why Don't You) Look My Way
RR20037CD All Around the World (Grits Ain't Groceries)
RR20037CD Baby, You're My Only Love
RR20037CD She Shot a Hole in My Soul
RR20037CD Smack Dab in the Middle
RR20037CD Zoo Zoo Two
RR20037CD Vanilla, Vanilla
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW016A Peepin' Through The Window
SGW016B Zu Zu
SGW017A Most of Those Pretty Young Girls
SGW017B Need Your Love
SGW018A Willette
SGW018B You Made Me Love You
SGW019CD Peepin' Through The Window
GAD (Beach Compilation) 2001 Peepin' Through The Window
Ripete Records 2388CD Old School Shag with I Love Only You
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW020A I Love Only You
SGW020B Abigale
SGW021CD I Want A Man To Dance With Me
SGW021B A Thousand Stars
SGW023CD Santa's Flyin' Home
Santa (Deck The Halls) 2008 (compilation) I Pray On Christmas
Santa (Deck The Halls) 2008 (compilation) Santa's Flyin' Home
SGW024A I Don't Want To Hear It
SGW024B Red Rose Tea
SGW025A Lonely Summer
SGW025B Cry Mercy Mercy
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW030CD Big City
SGW030CD (I Lost My Love In The) Big City
SGW030CD Knock A Little Bit Louder
SGW030CD Left With A Broken Heart
SGW030CD Kansas City
SGW030CD You're Still A Young Man
SGW030CD Never Let Me Go
SGW030CD Reet Petite
SGW030CD Doo Wah Diddy
SGW030CD A Thousand Stars
SGW030CD Lovely Dee
SGW030CD Come Go With Me
SGW030CD High On A Hill
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW031CD Don't Turn Away
SGW031CD Open The Door To Your Heart
SGW031CD May I
SGW031CD Don't Turn Away
SGW031CD Loverboy
SGW031CD Lonely Drifter
SGW031CD Ol' Man River
SGW031CD The Entertainer
SGW031CD You Don't Love Me No More
SGW031CD Do You Really Love Me?
SGW031CD Personality/Chantilly Lace
SGW031CD Right Around The Corner
SGW031CD I Can't Tonight
Stacy's Golden Wax SGW032CD Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
SGW032CD I'll Keep Holding On
SGW032CD Hitch Hike
SGW032CD Private Number
SGW032CD Can't Help Lovin' That Girl Of Mine
SGW032CD Go On
SGW032CD What Would I Do
SGW032CD Takin' Inventory
SGW032CD You're Not An Ordinary Girl
SGW032CD No Time For You
SGW032CD I Got To Know
SGW032CD Would I Love You
SGW032CD Teach Me Tonight


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