Part of the fun of radio in the 1960's was in the variety of the music. Pop and rock rubbed up against rhythm and blues and swing, creating sparks that made for a varied and exciting listening experience. Pittsburgh's Wee Jams bring that potpourri of variety to their performances, and the result is making fans out of listeners across the country.

History of an Iconic Group!

Founded in 1964, Pittsburgh’s William Dell & Wee Jams’ have recorded a number of hits, including “You’ll Lose A Precious Love” (1967, on ABC Records; labelmates included Ray Charles and the Impressions), “You Are Everything” (1980) and “Patti Ann” (mid 1990s) were highlighted in Billboard Magazine, giving the band national and regional recognition.

Extremely popular on the East Coast, the 'Jams had 4 consecutive chart-topping songs in the Beach Music market of 2008 and 2009: “Most of the Pretty Young Girls”, "I Love Only You”, “Nothing Can Stop Me”, and “I'll Always Love You.”  These were on the Cashbox chart with “Most of the Pretty Young Girls” reaching the final Top Smokin’ 45s.

Also charting in the Carolinas are “(I Lost My Love) In The Big City” and “Left With A Broken Heart” from the "BIG CITY collection. Those hits are currently being featured in the live show, along with the Motown Revue, featuring the 11-piece band.  They have performed at countless engagements from corporate events to area concerts. 

Joining the Wee Jams on their most recent recordings is Laura Rose, a young lady with a marvelous voice.  There's much more to come from Laura!

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