Part of the fun of radio in the 1960's was in the variety of the music. Pop and rock rubbed up against rhythm and blues and swing, creating sparks that made for a varied and exciting listening experience. Pittsburgh's Wee Jams bring that potpourri of variety to their performances, and the result is making fans out of listeners across the country.

Weejammers Unite!

Legendary rocker Bob Seger once said that there was, indeed, a formula for success:  'Just hang around long enough so they can decide that they like you.'  Pittsburghers William Dell & Wee Jams are proving this adage to be true.  In their forty-plus years of music-making, they've made a lot of folks decide that they not only like them, but they love them.
And not only has the Steel City taken them to its heart.  The news has spread down South, where the Carolina shaggers have put many of the Jams' recordings into heavy rotation.  Additionally, their vocal harmony recordings have been savored by East Coast enthusiasts.
An anthology of the group's tunes has been released for export to overseas listeners.  American music as always been taken more seriously outside of the Continental U.S.  "Weejammers," as the band's fans have been tagged, will be springing up all over the globe.

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