Having been inspired by the original WeeJams, Dave spent the rest of the 60s starting several garage bands trying to reach that "Standard", eventually joining the WeeJam fraternity in 1971. A relocation to Virginia caused a separation in service for 13 years, but gladly rejoined when the opportunity presented itself. He is also the Praise and Worship Band Leader at the Southside Church of the Nazarene in Chesterfield Virginia.


Louie's introduction to the music business came in a classic manner: "on the corner. We used to sing on the corner, and the police used to chase us off. My idol was Frankie Lymon." And you can still hear echoes of Frankie in Louie's high tenor, which in the past has graced such Pittsburgh groups as the DeVilles and the Magic Moments.  He's known for his mesmerizing hand movements onstage, too!


Bill was in the original Wee Jams in 1967 ("They wouldn't pay me, but I wouldn't stay away.") and co-founded Wee Jams II in 1971.   A classic car buff and soul record collector, Bill is retro all the way, from the antiques in his home to his rotary dial telephones.  He released several singles under his own name in the 80's, some of which can be found on the PATTI ANN CD.


Dan is the newest Jam, but his musical legacy goes back to the Molly Maguires, one of the Burg's most popular bands of the Sixties.  Dan's soaring second tenor and positive "vibe" energize all who come into contact with him.  A dedicated family man, Dan and his wife Mary make their home in Sharpsburg, PA.


Barry is the group's songwriter, composing many Wee Jams' popular tunes including "Patti Ann." He originated the group in 1966 with some high school friends. ("I'm proud they are still my friends.") Barry plays keyboards ("the `Sam the Sham' of the new millenium") and bounds around onstage with abandon. He enjoys producing and collecting records, and currently lives in Boardman, Ohio, where he continues to cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


An accomplished guitarist, Gordie brings the same sense of discipline and organization to the other facets of his life. He is known within the group as being practical and sensible, but also having a great sense of humor. Gordie joined the group during the Wee Jams II phase in 1971, and stayed as that group morphed into hard rockers "Father Maple." His steady rhythms are the backbone of the band.


For the past 15 years, Tom has and continues to play keyboards and sing with Chuck Blasko and The Vogues. Cousin to Danny's wife Mary, Danny recruited him to perform with the Wee Jams. Tom's musical tastes span many different genres, though he favors the soul of Stax and Volt artists. Jazz, R&B and Country Swing are also big influences. Doo Wop, however, is a "new frontier" for him. Tom and his wife Karen, are both Pittsburgh natives. They frequently travel to Nashville and also enjoy performances at Pittsburgh's Manchester Craftsman's Guild. They are also fans of cruising the Caribbean with the Smooth Jazz Cruise.


Starting out as a child, Phil (called "Phox" by the band) ) soon became an accomplished drummer/percussionist, playing all music forms before becoming an original Wee Jams member.  Performing on stage with nearly every Motown act of the 60’s among others, he was also the studio recording drummer for several hits by Tommy James & The Shondells.  In 1969 he became a founding member of Thy Brothers Blood (formerly Pittsburgh’s The Contrails of “Someone” fame) the first tri-state area jazz-rock horn band.  He relocated to Hollywood California for several decades and recently returned (with his original drum kit) to rejoin the Wee Jams.


The word "multi-talented" could have been coined to describe Hal Weiss. His trumpet stylings have played behind acts as varied as Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners, Five Guys Named Moe and the Pittsburgh Banjo Club. His vocal range is breathtaking: he once filled in for Philadelphia soul legend Brenda Coates of Brenda and the Tabulations. Hal coordinates the booking of the exceptional horn players that constitute the Wee Jams Horns.

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